Friday, May 16, 2014

Malaysia | America

Assalamualaikum and Hello

It has been a year (or more) since my last entry. So, what's up people? How's life? Hoping that you guys have a wonderful and an enjoyable life. What about me? (Think) Life's been totally great for me! Everything was superb! Can't really put those exciting, delightful and magnificent life of mine into words, i just can't! I'm not exaggerating guys, my life just getting better from last year and everything else too! Last year, I graduated from Intec Education College (a preparation college) and managed to pursue my studies at the Land of Dream, United States of America! (giggles) And how's America? Aaahhhhhh, can't put into words again, it was uh-meeh-zing! Americans are very nice and friendly (they have that easy-going trait I guess). And, I've been to Washington, Virginia, New Jersey and and and and New York City!!! (hehe). I visited the White House, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square and many more. EVERYTHING IS GOOD (excited). And the last important thing is, I am officially done with my Freshman year! Yeay me!!!!! Alhamdulillah for my grades too (dean's list, hehehe). I'm really grateful for that.alhamdulillah. Okay guys, i guess thats all for now (i don't know what else to write) and let me feed you people with my photos (hehe). 

Semua gambar dekat New York --'(hahaha). The rest still in my phone.
Ohh one last thing, I'm going back to Malaysia this upcoming Saturday! I am sooooooo excited (aahhhhhhhhhhhh!) Till next time, boi :) 

p/s: I deleted all other entries heh.